Citizen of Western Armenia
The National Council of Western Armenia makes this manifesto available to Armenians around the world in order to urge all expatriates and descendants of genocide survivors to demand from the United Nations High Commissioner our most basic and fundamental rights to existence and self-determination.

Self-determination is a right that, for legal reasons, necessarily requires broad democratic support from Armenians in Western Armenia and Armenians around the world.

That is why every completed and signed manifesto is of fundamental importance.

No other group of people, no other structure, except the Armenians, descendants of the Genocide survivors, can claim this right to self-determination to provide the Armenians of Western Armenia with a democratic structure that will take care of the future of our people in exile.

It is time, let us not hesitate, let us stand together and build a collective future.

Let us show together that the Armenians of Western Armenia who survived the genocide are still standing up for their rights to existence and self-determination.

Let us gather our strength around the National Council, the Government and the Parliament of Western Armenia on the basis of the Constitution of Western Armenia adopted on May 9, 2016, which have the mission to defend our rights as citizens of Western Armenia before all instances. Constitution

Desiring to be a citizen of Western Armenia, I declare on my honor that I have read the manifesto, agree with all its terms towards the implementation of the civil and political rights of the Armenians of Western Armenia (Constitution) and am a descendant of at least one Western Armenian parent and/or a survivor of the Genocide.

The National Council of Western Armenia.

Region or city of origin in Western Armenia